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Radix is an alternative to the traditional PR agency.
Radix Collective follows the philosophy that communications is a crucial central nerve to every business at any stage of the game. There is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to communications and PR needs, which is why we’re structured to allow for fluidity in team structure and focus to accommodate needs that map to business and product roadmaps.

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As seasoned practitioners, we take a different viewpoint with client service. Instead of forcing a team to fit the client, we build the right team of independents based on client needs. We combine business and marketing communication philosophies with holistic practices driven by strategy and execution of business goals.

Canvas Green Pinko 2018 Bag Belato Summer Tote Women's Accessories Spring Etvqzwn7

The Collective is a group of hand-selected independent communication partners with deep vertical experience. Markets include:

  • Communications Strategy

  • Messaging

  • Media Training

  • Event marketing

  • Accessories Belato Green Pinko Women's Spring Canvas Bag Summer Tote 2018 Influencer Relations

  • Speakers Bureau

  • Content Creation
    & Distribution

  • Media Relations

  • 2018 Bag Accessories Pinko Summer Spring Tote Women's Canvas Green Belato Online Marketing

Radix clients are as diverse as the Independent’s who represent them.

Radix is Latin for “root.” The art of Communications is at the central nerve, or root, of every business. The term “Radical” is derived from Radix and means departing sharply from the usual or ordinary; wanting extreme change.

Each member of Radix Collective took the risk to start their own business. Reasons range from having more control over lifestyle, types of clients, expanding skillsets, and generally needing to do something different. Radically different.

Radix Collective’s driving mission is to be an infrastructure and support for Independent PR professionals. In addition to the client service division, we’re working on additional resources and tools, including peer-to-peer events, to help you build and scale your business.

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